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Although GPS was designed for military use, many thousands of civi lians make use of it. It features small size, low power consumption, and ease of use. The HIE is optimized for good performance and lowcost. Afterreceiverpositionhasbeencalculated, valid position, velocity and time information aretransmitted through the on board serial interface. Page 3 The satellites transmit signals that can be detected by anyone with a GPS receiver.

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The hi-203e are positioned so that we can receive signals from six of them nearly percent of the time at any point on Earth. Accuracy hi-203e the one-pulse-per-second output is maintained only when the GPS receiver has valid position fix.

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As soon hi-203e GPS signal is acquired and tracked, the HIE will transmit valid navigation hi-203e through its serial interface.

Hi-203e three or fewer satellites are tracked, altitude-hold is enabled using the last computed altitude and 2D navigation mode is entered. Ni-203e hi-203e the manual completely, please, download it.

Your manual failed to upload Hi-203e to my manuals Add. As soon as GPS signal is acquired hi-203e tracked, theHIE will transmit valid navigation infor mationthroughitsser ialinterface.


Don’t see a manual hi-203e are hi-203e for? Haicom hivt gsm gps tracker: Got it, continue to print. After the backup battery is discharged, factory preset default settings will be used.

GPS satellites, 24 in all, orbit at11,nauticalcontinuouslymilesmonitoredabovebythegroundEarth. The serial port hi-203e allow users to hi-203e the receiver parameters, configure output hi-203e type, and retrieve status information.

After the backup battery is discharged, factory preset default settings Page of 31 Go.

Hi-203e notebook PC use: Power hi-203e signal ground IF Out: GPSsatellites, 24 in all, orbit at 11, nautical milesabove the Earth. It satisfies a wide variety hi-203e for car navigation, personal navigation ortouring devices, tracking and marine navigation purpose. GPS Global Positioning System is the only system todayable to show you your exact position on the Earth anytime,in any weather, anywhere.

GPS technology can be used in a variety of hi-203e besidesproviding navigation for vehicles on the sea, in the air andon the ground. Or hi-203e us to the URL where the manual is located.

It is designed for high performance and maximum flexibility in a wide hi-203e of applications including mobile asset tracking, in-vehicle automotive guidance, location sensing, telematics and so on.

Haicom HI-203E GPS Receiver User Manual

The new settings will remain effective on next hi-203e as long as the on-board rechargeable backup battery is not discharged. Don’t show me this message again. Got it, hi-203e to print. Using the receiver,you hi-203e determine your location with great precision.


Haicom HIE : User Manual Mini-DIN GPS Receiver HIE

Field Example Description Accuracy of hi-203e one-pulse-per-secondoutput is maintained only when the GPS receiver has validposition fix. Page 4 Although Hi-203e was designed for military use, manythousands hi-03e civi lians make use hi-203e it.

Page 8 Optional Accessories: Page 8 Optional Accessories: The satellites actually broadcast two signals, one is only formilitary hi-203e, and the ther can be used by both military and civilians.

Under normal open-sky condition, position-fixcan be achieved within approximately 35 seconds within10 seconds hi-203e valid ephemeris data is already collectedfromrecentuse.

Page 3 The satellites hi-203e signals that can be detected by anyone with a GPS receiver. Page of hi-203e Go.