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If these features matter to you then you need to specify the AD77 Infinity not Pro. Ships with the following: Bios was optimized for system but not tweaked for any performance settings requiring specialized knowledge of overclocking. Paper manual could be more extensive or at least direct reader to PDF manual for further explanations. Again the results are as expected.

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We’re impressed by how well the “little things” are done right with the AD77 Infinity.

Another nice touch is the inclusion of an additional two USB2. These will show basic diagnostics depending on their lit combination. Icrontic — Home of the Big Beef Burrito sincefool. There have to be some sacrifices. Even so both results trail the KT at this early stage. A faster and more powerful video card will translate to a smoother interface where complex scenes can be manipulated in real time.

Softimage XSI can simply bring any computer to its knees. The first dfi ad77 kt400 the placement of the main power connector. The manuals contain English, French, German and Spanish and while the motherboard manual may be over pages thick only 60 odd pages are for each language.

There is no doubt that DFI is targeting gamers. Unfortunately VIA decided not to offer official DDR support dfi ad77 kt400 the KT chipset, in fact with no official standard dfi ad77 kt400 support they couldn’t really. In order to look at a finished frame a user must render the frame to disk which bypasses the GPU.


DFI AD77 Infinity KT – First Look

To use the 6 channel audio function you need to purchase an optional bracket dfi ad77 kt400 the additional port on it. This is a preferable choice and should be adopted by all motherboard manufacturers as it facilitates easier mounting of the heatsink.

Here we see the usual suspects required to fine tune and tweak your memory performance da77 the option to alter DRAM drive strength. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. VT series USB 1. With everything in place there are a few other dfi ad77 kt400. AGP voltage adjustment doesn’t seem to be a particularly useful feature in the scale of things, it’s certainly never helped ad7 with a graphics card hampered overclock but it’s cfi there than not. Contact The Author Wayne. The BIOS is another dfi ad77 kt400 where DFI have brought significant improvements that clearly signal their intent to target this board at the enthusiast sector.

Individual performance will vary with any particular or specific timings or tweaks enabled by you. If orientation is not a concern then DFI should have stated that fact. This is a great “anti-fiddling” feature add77 favoured by OEMs to stop buyers messing with things but for the regular dfi ad77 kt400 it’s a right royal pain in the ar posterior. As you can see there’s the option to run memory at either dfi ad77 kt400, or MHz asynchronously though as mentioned earlier your particular brand of memory may or may not operate suitable at MHz due to the lack of an official standard.


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I want to say at this stage that the board I’m looking at is an early sample and I don’t dfi ad77 kt400 it to perform anything like the final shipping product. I didn’t run kt040 lot of benchmarks actually I did but I’m not going to publish them yet as it wouldn’t be fair at this early stage. The hard drive may extend over top of this area making connections tight dti get at.

Right dfi ad77 kt400 it’s a first look at an early sample that’s being worked hard on behind the scenes and we should treat it as such. Despite what some people seem to be saying the KT offers no support for Serial-ATA, this functionality qd77 be added by using a supporting chip, in this case the Marvell 88i Overall I find the motherboard layout to be fairly clean and tidy but not without faults. Price when compared to boards with similar options.

The question is what are you dfi ad77 kt400 to pay. No second fan header by CPU fan header.